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Goodwill Accounting: What You Need to Know

When selling or merging a business, goodwill is referred to the intangible assets that represent the excess purchase price over the fair market value acquired during the purchase of an organization.

Myths About Part-Time CFOs—and Why They’re Untrue

The gig economy is rapidly expanding in the United States and across the globe. Everything from physical labor to knowledge-intensive roles are now awarded to external workers with different sets of insights as internal workers.

Why Outsource Financial Planning and Analysis?

The reasons for outsourcing are myriad, including previously gained expertise and the reduction of the financial burden stemming from full-time staff. Some software licensing may come along with the package, and industry best practices are likely to be passed on to the hiring company.

How to Ramp Up a Remote Accountant?

Does it take long to ramp up a Paro accountant? The answer, in a word, is no. In fact, working with a Paro accountant or ad-hoc team might very well prove more efficient and effective than doing the job with onsite resources. At Paro, once we assess your needs, we can quickly put together a … Continued

How to Know You Need to Switch CPAs

As the head of a business, you have a lot on your plate. That’s why you brought on a CPA to manage your business’s money. Hopefully, your CPA has saved you time and money, as well as providing a wealth of financial information. If you’ve faced any financial changes, up to and including an audit, … Continued