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Your Premier Choice for Expert Audit & Assurance

Responsible businesses understand the immense value rigorous internal auditing provides. But building these capabilities in-house poses challenges, from staffing constraints to skill gaps in managing complexity. Paro’s accredited experts fill the void through on-demand internal audit services.

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Get flexible support with proven methodologies honed through years of major firm and industry experience.

Our seasoned CPAs can:
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    Safeguard assets and prevent losses from waste, fraud or abuse.
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    Ensure accounting practices adhere to the latest compliance standards.
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    Identify control gaps early before they escalate into issues.
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    Prepare thoroughly for smooth external audits.
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    Build internal bandwidth for your firm or business.

“Our auditors require fairly detailed memos with respect to things like revenue recognition and lease accounting. From the get-go, Brad had been supporting that, which took a lot off my plate, because it’s time-consuming, and it’s not my area of current expertise.”
– Jess Jankowski, CEO

Work With a Compliance Expert Today

Find the right audit and assurance expertise for your specific business needs and industry.

Your Guide Through Compliance & Accounting Standards

Master GAAP and ASC accounting standards with precision. Our experts can help your team understand and implement complex and evolving standards to help drive investor assurance and independent reporting to shareholders.

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    GAAP compliance
    Enhance credibility and transparency as a private or public company, whether you need to meet SEC reporting requirements or you want to provide standardized statements for lenders and investors.
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    ASC 606 revenue recognition
    Meet current revenue recognition standards with experts who deeply understand its principles, can analyze the structure and terms of customer contracts and properly identify performance obligations.
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    ASC 842 lease accounting
    Implement lease accounting standards and understand the implications of leasing decisions. Get assistance with lease classifications, statement disclosures and calculating the appropriate values on your balance sheet.
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Bolster Financial Integrity With Internal Audit Services

Paro’s independent accounting services go beyond compliance to enhance the very core of your financial operations, fostering an environment of accuracy, efficiency and integrity.

Take advantage of our suite of bespoke solutions:

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    Internal control implementation
    Develop checks & balances as well as access control to sensitive information, in order to reduce fraud and errors.
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    Audit preparation
    Compile important reports and information for annual audits with greater efficiency. Document your systems and controls to standardize the process.
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    Audit testing
    Determine the accuracy of your published financial statements with Paro’s assurance services. Collect the necessary evidence and note any material misstatements.
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    Audit sampling
    Optimize and streamline your audit efforts by assessing just a portion of your data, rather than your full data.
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    Forensic accounting
    Establish evidence of inappropriate or illegal practices with a perspective on intent. Get support in tracing funds, identifying assets, reviewing data and more.

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