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Sharpen Your Financial Planning to Meet Future Demands

Empower your team with the capacity to forecast performance and craft more realistic budgets to hit the mark. Our services help sharpen your resource alignment for the dynamic needs of future projects.

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FP&A consulting can:
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    Bring data rigor to help match operational plans to business strategy.
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    Help develop a budget, set granular targets and track performance against expectation.
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    Distill external and departmental data into actionable insights and finance forecasts.
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    Conduct modeling and scenario planning to create projections and pressure-test strategy.
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    Introduce processes and tools to improve your financial reporting capability.

“The tools let us analyze the P&L and business using many different data points, including projects, customers, individual contributors and revenue per employee. It gives us a lot of interesting KPIs to look at to help analyze the business in a way that I’ve always wanted.”
– Steven Liebezeit, CEO

Operational Planning

Dynamic Operational Planning to Execute on Your Goals

Translate your company’s strategic goals into targeted KPIs and budget plans for your day-to-day operations. Our experts make it easier to bridge the understanding between operational performance and strategic impact.

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    Break silos to integrate finance and operations.
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    Bring ongoing visibility and tracking into operations.
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    Support forecasting, risk assessment and cost controls for effective planning.
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Get Insights Essential to Your Growth

Boost your team’s financial planning capabilities with our elite pool of professionals.

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Optimize Your Budget Plan Before Execution—And After

Without realistic and sustainable goals, a budget can’t stay relevant. Our experts help companies build the right templates and identify the right targets to create flexible budgets at the appropriate granular level, so you can plan with agility.

A Paro FP&A consultant will help:

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    Select the right budgeting method for your business and industry, be it a top-down approach for ease or a zero-based budgeting approach for exactness.
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    Track performance against projections through budget variance analysis to help you adjust assumptions or shift focus.
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    Build the tools to gain real-time information for future financial planning and budgeting.

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Build Precise Forecasts, Customized to Your Business

Whether you’re in need of basic cash flow planning to determine if you can fund your operations, or you’re in need of deeper financial analysis for a potential transaction or market move, our experts can meet you at your specific data capabilities.

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Start with simple cash flow forecasting to solve core challenges and clear the path forward.

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Add scenario and sensitivity analysis to illustrate answers to investor questions and model the impacts of business decisions.

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Cruising Altitude

Engage advanced forecasting techniques like AI forecasting to proactively maintain stability, predictability and progress.

Outsourcing with Paro

Gain Insights Faster With a Paro FP&A Consultant

You can’t build financial planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities overnight—but it’s faster and easier when you use fractional talent. When you bring on a Paro expert, you instantly gain:

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    Up-to-date skills and expertise without paying a full-time salary.
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    Knowledge of analytical tools and financial modeling packages proven to drive profitability.
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    Access to the top 2% of finance and accounting experts, with verified experience spanning more than 55 industries.
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