AI is no longer just a buzzword. Businesses like yours are already using AI in strategic areas, according to our latest research. Are you keeping pace with competitors?


The 3 Machine Learning Use Cases Your Competitors Are Using Right Now
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Watch & Listen

Looking to multitask? This selection of quick hit videos will bring you up to speed on AI in accounting and finance without breaking your stride.

A CFO’s Perspective on Embracing AI

Paro fractional CFO, Chris C., explains how AI empowers his work and how to encourage adoption business-wide.

What Generative AI’s Momentum Means for Businesses

Paro VP of Engineering, Product & AI, Eli Gill, explains the future of new-gen AI in strategic decision making.

6 Skills Your CFO Needs in the Era of AI

From storytelling to data security, future leaders need these skills to stay competitive.

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Ideas Shaping the Future of Al

Brush up on trending AI-related topics that are top of mind across the finance industry.

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The Top 5 Ways to Use AI in Finance

Paro COO Saum Mathur tells Medium where he has seen AI add the most value in finance, and how businesses can do the same.
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