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Pursue meaningful work on your own terms.

Reimagine your career potential.

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Freedom of Choice

With Paro, you’re in control: choose from pre-qualified projects, rates and hours, and build your business on your terms.

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Limitless Income Potential

Proprietary AI technology matches you with clients and projects that precisely align to your unique skill set. The platform develops your pipeline of business to drive predictable income and unlimited opportunity.

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Data-Driven Tools

Our platform gives you the productivity tools and insights to optimize your growing business, from pricing to performance, CRM to ROI.

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Seamless Experience

Stop wasting time with administrative tasks. Let your Paro Success Team manage projects from kickoff to completion so you can focus on what you do best.

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Long-Term Growth

We’re not only focused on finding your next, best project—Paro is invested in your long-term professional growth and success. Our technology helps you build a sustainable career.

We put our technology to work for you.

Technology Led. Growth Focused.

Pursue the work you want with Paro’s AI growth platform. Our platform analyzes millions of data points to help you maximize earnings and uncover growth opportunities so you can build the career you want. Gain a competitive advantage through our best-fit opportunity predictor that matches you with business challenges that your expertise is uniquely qualified to address. This allows you to provide more value, to better-fit clients, faster.

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Become a Paro Expert Today


Paro explores your professional background, including industry details, specific skills, qualified experience and technology training.


Unique to each area of expertise, our assessments test essential knowledge and proficiency in a given service.


With a variety of role-play exercises, this is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to effectively handle real-world client scenarios.


A comprehensive background check is done through a third-party provider to confirm experience and other key information.


Once you’ve been accepted, you will receive hands-on guidance from our Success Team to help navigate the Paro platform and build your business faster.

Hear what our expert members think.

Inez C.B.


“Paro makes identifying new clients easy. They work with me throughout the process to ensure I have what I need to get the job done. They make me look like a rockstar!”

Brian G.


“Great flow of interesting leads and a slick, easy-to-use platform to build a business upon.”

Catherine L.


“I have been able to reach my new client goal in a matter of weeks instead of months. I am so thrilled and can’t wait to keep growing.”



“When I find myself looking for clients, I go right to Paro to find any opportunities that suit my skill set. I’ve been paired with several quality clients without having to invest in expensive marketing tools. Paro has been great for my business growth.”



“Paro handles the billing and account management, and they bring me the sales. With the cost to do all that, if I were doing it myself, I’d probably only be making $10 an hour. The value I get from partnering with Paro takes a huge load off my plate as a business owner.”



“Paro is out finding the clients, finding the work for me, the marketing — it just makes it so much easier for me. I work as much as I want to work, and I’m as busy as I want to be, and they’re finding quality clients for me.”

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