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Sharpen Insights With Paro’s Data Visualization Services

The business world has been using spreadsheets since 1979. But the challenges and insights of today don’t fit neatly into rows and columns. A well-built data visualization solution can transform conventional reports into powerful tools your teams can’t live without.

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    Make complex data digestible and actionable for audiences and stakeholders.
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    Use dashboarding to spot relationships, trends, opportunities and risks earlier.
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    Break down silos for impactful presentations, conversations and decisions.
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    Empower every team with a steady, autopilot stream of insights.
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    Save resources and time by enabling people to customize outputs.

Trusted by Thousands of U.S. Businesses

From small businesses and startups to mature companies, our experts meet you where you’re at with the exact skills and experience you need. Here’s why we’re the preferred choice for businesses across the country.


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Slice, Dice and Dig Deeper with Intuitive Dashboarding

Dynamic dashboards allow you to visualize and engage your KPIs to drive performance and pivot amid disruption.

In addition to traditional finance metrics, our services help you easily filter and compare data at your desired level of granularity to track and model things like:

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    Customer personas
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    Market performance and trends
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    Marketing campaigns
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    Supply chain and operations
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    Scenario planning and sensitivity analysis
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“The tools let us analyze the P&L and business using many different data points, including projects, customers, individual contributors and revenue per employee. It gives us a lot of interesting KPIs to look at to help analyze the business in a way that I’ve always wanted.”
– Steven L., CEO

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Business Intelligence Solutions

Solve Common Challenges in BI Reporting

An effective data visualization tool requires technical understanding, knowledge of financial planning, employee buy-in and more. Here’s how we help you solve for common pitfalls in BI reporting:

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    Poor usability
    Our experts help you implement simple, understandable reports to help users see the data they need immediately.
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    One-size fits all reporting
    We match you with an expert for your industry and complexity to help you choose and implement fit-for-purpose BI tools.
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    Inadequate data infrastructure
    Our experts assess and ensure you have the data infrastructure to pull the information you need, when you need it.

Are You Winning? How Our Experts Present You Your Most Crucial Metrics

Great dashboards focus on the most relevant metrics for your stage. Watch our fractional finance expert, Askia R., explain his approach to choosing the right strategic KPIs to track as your business matures.

Outsourcing with Paro

What Data Visualization Consulting Looks Like With Paro

Paro helps clients use dashboards and reporting tools to cut costs, meet fundraising goals, strengthen compliance, plot growth and more. How can your expert guide the process?

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    Deep data analysis to identify key metrics for reporting—as well as KPI development
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    Tool selection and dashboard design
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    Data integration from multiple sources
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    Training and support for using and maintaining data visualization tools
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