Uncover Your Business Potential

What if you had a trusted partner to spotlight opportunities around growth drivers, pricing tactics or efficiency specifically for your company?

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Our fractional finance experts find the most profitable avenue for your business using key indicators from your financial, operational and customer data, as well as their unique industry expertise:
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    Business analysis is not one-size-fits-all. It’s customized to your company’s unique rhythm, ensuring targeted solutions.
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    Transform your data into a strategic asset, turning potential pitfalls into powerful pivots.
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    Don’t just solve problems. Think critically about what else is possible within your sales channels, operations and more to improve performance.

“We are forever grateful for the Paro freelancer’s support, experience and value added to the growth of our company.”
– Brynne C., CEO

Get Insights From Industry Leaders

Match with a vetted finance expert in just days, and start making better decisions for growth.

Key Driver Analysis

Analyze Key Drivers to Direct Strategy

Every business has unique levers that set the cadence for expansion. Pinpointing these factors lets you know what to push or pull to accelerate momentum in a targeted fashion.

With key driver analysis, you can ensure these elements don’t remain hidden.

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    Identify what influences your business performance the most through detailed evaluation.
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    Future-proof your decisions by building granular, driver-based forecasts to understand how these levers will impact performance.
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    Effectively track your drivers to see decision impact in real time.
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    Combat stagnation in the market by reevaluating drivers, whether it’s a new sales channel or getting deeper into a vertical.
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Profitability Analysis

Transform Your Profit Margins Using Detailed Business Analysis

Find the most efficient strategy to improve your margins and meet your business goals or the goals of your board. Our profitability analysis digs deep, spotlighting problem areas and opportunities to amplify your growth.

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    Identify your most profitable units to focus on what generates the most return for your business.
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    Discern potential profitability pitfalls, whether that’s poor capital utilization, non-ideal customer segments or something else.
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    Eliminate wasted spend and forecast profitability over time for better resource allocation planning.

“It was clear their experts had the relevant industry experience.”
– Rose P., CFO

Pricing Analysis

Establish True Value With Expert Pricing Analysis

Is demand changing for your product or service? Is your pricing competitive? Is your structure easy to understand? Our business analysis services include pricing optimization to ensure your offerings resonate in the market.

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    Find the right pricing strategy for your business model. 
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    Understand customer price sensitivity based on historical analysis or A/B testing. 
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    Sculpt customer behavior with strategic discounts and pricing incentives. 
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    Define your business value and align pricing with your short- and long-term goals.
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