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Lighten the Load on Business Tax Preparation

Take your team out of filing mode and put them back into what matters. Our experts help your business file federal and state income tax returns at any level of complexity.

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With Paro on board, life at tax time looks different:
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    No more “hot potato” among team members who lack time or tax expertise.
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    An expert on hand who ranks among the top 2% in finance and accounting.
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    Knowledge of tax law changes, so you don’t miss out on deadlines or savings.
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    The ability to easily combine bookkeeping and tax services.

“Our Paro tax consultant has been extremely helpful in correcting past filing issues, state unemployment and tax issues. He ensures all deadlines are met and filings done accurately.”
– Jonathan M., President

Make Tax Filing Easier and Faster

Get matched with a seasoned tax expert today who understands your unique filing needs.

Tailored Tax Services for Any Organization

The tax code is a labyrinth that our experts are well-prepared to navigate—no matter what nuances apply to your industry, business size, sales tax nexus or structure. Our tax experts bring years of experience filing federal and state tax return forms and maximizing your tax write-offs.

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C Corp

The most common type of corporation.

Tax rate Corporate

Key filings Form 1120

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S Corp

Subject to strict restrictions around ownership.

Tax rate Personal

Key filings Form 1120-S

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Added complexity due to tax classification options.

Tax rate Varies

Key filings Form 1040, Form 1065, Form 1120, Form 1120-S

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The default classification for people who earn business income but aren’t incorporated.

Tax rate Personal + Self-Employment

Key filings Form 1040 (Schedule C)

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Must adhere to special criteria around business and bookkeeping practices.

Tax rate Tax-exempt

Key filings Form 990

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Taxable income flows through each partner’s personal tax return.

Tax rate Personal + Self-Employment

Key filings Form 1065

“The Paro tax expert ensured that I paid the least tax possible under the tax code and gave me insight on how I might be even more efficient in years to come.”
– Bobby S., President

Who’s Best for Your Tax Needs?

Whether you need simple filing or representation before the IRS, our business tax services are conducted by qualified tax preparers, CPAs and enrolled agents, so you can hire the right individual for your needs.

Watch our guide on the types of tax professionals for hire.

Ensure Compliance With Additional Bookkeeping & Tax Support

File business taxes with greater trust in your books. Guarantee better accuracy and even better savings by combining broader bookkeeping services with tax services.

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Bookkeeping Services

Prevent tax bottlenecks and errors from the very start.

  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Payroll
  • Financial statements and reporting
  • Account reconciliations
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Additional Tax Services

Improve your IRS standing and maximize your savings.

  • Tax documentation review
  • IRS dispute resolution
  • Tax advisory and planning
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Learn about our bookkeeping services ›

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The Ultimate Business Tax Help Center

Your one-stop shop for tax resources, from deadlines and filing requirements to year-round tax planning.