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Paro is a rapidly growing, technology-led startup embracing the ever-changing ways people work. We’re invested in building the tools that help our clients grow to their full potential and allow talented professionals to pursue meaningful careers on their own terms.

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stefanie lau Paro
Stefanie Lau
Capital Markets Partnership Lead

““Paro encourages me to embrace my entrepreneurial drive to practice the principles of ‘build, measure and learn’ as we continue to scale fast. The blend of autonomy, collaboration, recognition and opportunity is the perfect recipe for any individual who strives to make an impact at their company.””

eyn packheiser Paro
Eyn Packheiser
Marketing Analytics Manager

““Joining Paro has been one of the best decisions of my career. Through constant encouragement to experiment, develop and think outside the box, I truly feel I have been part of the progression. All the while, I knew when I was down, I had a phenomenal team of coworkers and leaders that genuinely have my back.””

kody myers Paro
Kody Myers
Director of Product

““Having championed an equitable & inclusive culture from day 1, we’re now translating that into our product roadmap to ensure we’re building in, and training for, avoidance of bias in our AI technology. We’re going in with eyes wide open and making DE&I an essential part of all our tech as we work to solve this challenge and positively impact the future of work.””

Jessica Lombera Paro 1
Jessica Lombera
Senior Software Engineer

““Paro is the place where every challenge has successful growth as the outcome. I am grateful to be part of an organization that promotes work that aligns with my career goals.””

Garret Schlotter Paro
Garret Schlotter
Senior Financial Consultant

““Paro has created so much opportunity for people to work hard, be innovative and get creative in the finance & accounting world! That goes for our experts on the front lines and all of team Paro behind the scenes. I can’t say enough how thankful I am to work around such awesome people at a groundbreaking company.””