Paro Reviews & Testimonials

Learn how Paro has become a trusted partner to our clients by delivering the specific outcomes they need to achieve their business goals.

CPG Startup

As revenues doubled, primarily due to the added exposure and distribution network of the top-five CPG enterprise, so did the accounting team at Jessica’s recommendation. She promoted and hired additional onsite staff, bringing the team of two to a team of four, including two accountants, a trade finance specialist and an accounts payable specialist.

Melissa S.
Contract Controller

Charlie’s support is appreciated. I particularly like it when he offers suggestions and recommendations for best practices — I would like for him to do this even more.

Jacquelyn C.
Managing Director and Co-Founder

The bookkeeper we’re working with is wonderfully responsive and able to bring clarity even to our blind spots. She is already an important part of our team only one month in.

Paul B.

My businesses are somewhat complex, at least the fact that there are so many elements to keep track of, and Paro’s accountant does a wonderful job with each of them.

Amy A.

Our Paro Financial Professional, Kevin, is so easy and pleasant to work with. Really takes the time to understand my goals, formulate a plan and then execute it.

Katie D.
CEO and Founder

Paro’s team clearly has expertise in the D2C space. They understand what it’s like to run an ecomm company from an operations perspective. Very well connected and gave clear, solid advice — even when it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear.

Dan S.
President and Founder

Paro has helped fill our immediate need for Controller-level support. Working with their expert in a remote capacity has also helped identify holes in our internal processes that we are correcting.

Courtney M.

The bookkeeper we are working with through Paro is a rockstar — The best decision I’ve made to help my own booming freelance business grow.

Renee G.
Executive Director

Our Paro Accountant, Inez, is the most competent accountant I have had the pleasure of working with. I cannot recommend her enough due to her clear understanding of accounting processes and tools, and her attention to detail and quality. She is an absolutely lifesaver and I am so glad she is helping us.

Jonyce B.

Paro is quickly becoming a trusted business partner. Their freelance bookkeeper not only expedited the clean-up of my books, but she also looks ahead and communicates other opportunities to stay ahead of reporting.

Alejandro P.

Paro was a great partner during our time working together (over 3 years). Our organziation went from being in financial infancy to early adulthood, and Paro’s freelance CFO was paramount in that transformation.

Celine H.

I have worked with about 10 bookkeepers so far. Paro’s freelancer is hands down the most professional, fast, and easy to work with. She has the perfect balance between flexibility to accomodate our company’s needs and strict adherence to GAAP. I am very happy to keep working with her, and if I can, I will take her with me to my next company as well.