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What Does a Financial Analyst Do? Does My Business Need One?

Even new and smaller businesses have fairly complex financial processes. It’s often not workable for founders and CEOs to track every financial detail. However, without enough financial information, it can be hard to know whether decisions are benefiting the company. That’s where a financial analyst can help.

6 Steps to a Better CEO-CFO Relationship

If your company has looked to a chief financial officer (CFO) to help improve, reshape or rethink your business, then you have already taken the first step in quite a meaningful transition. But hiring a CFO is not enough.

Why Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Makes Sense

No matter the size of a business, outsourcing accounts receivable is useful in many aspects. Growth-oriented businesses may not yet require a full-time AR clerk or analyst; enterprise-sized organizations may need to rapidly scale up their accounting departments during busy times of the year. Either way, finding the talent you need, you need it is a powerful … Continued