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5 Financial Reports to Prepare Before Meeting with VC Firms

When seeking funding, venture capital firms are common choices. In 2017, the median VC investment was $5 million for early-stage and $10.8 million for large-stage VC rounds. They not only provide capital, but also strategic assistance and whatever resources are necessary to grow your business to the next level. In fact, research shows public companies … Continued

Audits: How to Prepare Your Company and Your Staff

What is an audit? An audit is an examination of the company’s accounting records by an accounting specialist to ensure that transactions are being accounted for correctly in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework or regulations. Why do companies get audited? In most instances, companies get audited when there’s an interested external party that … Continued

KPIs In Action: Get S.M.A.R.T. with Your Metrics

Key Performance Indicators are measurable values that businesses use to track progress to strategic or operational goals. So, if I were to ask you right now what are the three to five KPIs your business is tracking on a regular basis, you could answer me quickly and easily… right? If you’re like some of the … Continued

KPIs: 5 Critical Questions to Help Define Your Business Metrics

What are KPIs? KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, simply put, are measurable values that businesses use to track progress to strategic or operational goals. Think of KPIs like a diet If I want to lose 20 pounds over the summer by ‘trying to eat healthier,’ there’s a really good chance my jeans will still be … Continued

Tax Tips: Writing Off Asset Purchases

Tax time usually means more work, more unintelligible jargon, and more confusion for you and your growing business. Our goal in this article is to turn this time of the year into a time where you can leverage existing tax laws to the best benefit of your business.

How Does Outsourced Bookkeeping Work?

Let’s be honest, trying to find a good bookkeeper can be difficult. How do you find someone you can count on, who will do a good job, and who has experience in your industry? Our answer is outsourced bookkeeping. But how does outsourced bookkeeping actually work? Here’s how. 1. Grant read-only access to your financial … Continued

Financial Model vs. Budget: What’s the Difference?

One topic that seems to generate a lot of questions is budgeting. As I spoke to several business owners, they admitted to having spent days, if not weeks, pulling budgets together for a specific point in time–to present at an investor meeting, to kick off a new product launch, to start a new year–but most … Continued

Pitch Perfect: How to Build a Pitch Deck

Every business has a story; use your pitch deck to tell that story in a clear and compelling way.  Pitch decks should be a convincing presentation of the problem your company is solving, while also being highly engaging and entertaining.  These tips will help you build pitch decks to attract and maintain interest from investors.