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Build for Success: Fractional CFOs Help Small Businesses Grow

At every growing business, there comes a point where the finances become too complex for a CEO to feasibly manage. While hiring a full-time CFO may be the norm in large, established firms, many innovative and growing companies are now leaning on fractional CFOs to drive growth at an earlier stage. These experienced financial executives provide services on a contract or project basis. 

The Democratization of Professional Talent and How It’s Transforming the Way We Work

Many businesses face the question of whether to embrace remote work and all its potential by integrating it into their business model or return to an onsite-only policy. Adjusting to remote work solutions has not been without its challenges, but it has also enabled the democratization of talent, in that companies can increasingly attract and retain highly qualified professionals they previously wouldn’t have had access to.

ASC 842: A Roadmap for Adopting the New Lease Accounting Standard

Your gut reaction to to the ASC 842 Lease Accounting Standard may be to think it’s for the other party—those that lease real estate, vehicles or equipment to others. However, the greater impact is on the lessee doing the borrowing, rather than the lessor. Any contracts signed where you’re using another company’s property with the expectation of returning it or buying it at the end of the contract term will fall under the new standard.
At a high level, operating lease obligations that are included in footnotes will now need to also be recorded as assets and obligations on your balance sheet. As is often the case, when you begin to assess the scope of the project and its impact, you’re sure to find that the devil will be in the details.

Use Budget Variance Analysis to Point Your Business Forward

Knowing where you’re going starts with knowing where you’ve been. You must plan, track and monitor your organization’s performance with a financial model if you want to grow steadily and profitably.

And with financial planning and analysis serving as the backbone of sustainable growth, budget variance is the finger that points the way. Budget variance shows how to move forward based on how your business has performed versus your expectations.