About the Company 

Located in the tri-state area, the mid-sized CPA firm delivers bookkeeping, accounting, tax and consulting services to clients across a range of industries. 

The Opportunity

The firm was challenged with maintaining an adequate staffing level for their pipeline clients. They knew that there was an opportunity to source cost-efficient, qualified talent outside of their geographical region to provide a range of bookkeeping services for their clients. The CPA firm felt limited by their talent pool within a 20-30 mile radius and had a strong need for talent to increase capacity.  

The Solution

After considering other marketplaces to solve their staffing constraints, the CPA firm chose Paro’s staff augmentation services for its user-friendly platform and seamless onboarding process. 

The firm currently works with three fractional Paro experts on a recurring basis who help clients with bookkeeping services needs, including both accounts payable and receivable, payroll and bank reconciliations. The firm has also enjoyed the flexibility to engage Paro experts in clients’ ad-hoc projects. 

Despite working remotely, the experts have, at times, met directly with the firm’s clients to provide a more hands-on experience. 

Now the business not only enjoys high-quality talent on demand, but it has also widened its talent pool to deliver elite quality support. 

It gives you a lot of scalability in your business model, and it makes it a lot simpler for you to recruit and train. You’re not going to be limited to your geographic area, which is very important. Because there’s talent all across the world,” says the firm’s senior manager. 

The Impact

The CPA firm continues to work with Paro experts with the potential to engage experts for higher-level services in the future. The firm has found tangible impact by being able to rely on high-quality, flexible talent that allows them to open up their client pipeline.

“Rather than pushing off for a few months, we can take on new clients and staff them with Paro. It just gives us a lot of leverage to go out and seek more revenue,” he says. 

And Paro’s staff augmentation services allow the firm to expand their pipeline sooner due to faster matching and onboarding. The firm no longer has to spend time finding talent or interviewing 10 candidates in multiple rounds. With proprietary AI technology and the expertise of Paro solutions consultants, they can find a best-fit match in days and start making an impact immediately.