About the Client

MEG Business Management provides physical therapy business coaching and billing solutions for private practice owners.

The Challenge

MEG founder, Brian Gallagher, noticed the physical therapy practices he worked with were struggling with piles of receipts, disorganized books, delayed reporting, and lack of visibility into their businesses. While he specialized in helping these businesses optimize billing and long-term strategy, he struggled to find a scalable solution to support their other finance needs.

The Solution

Paro and MEG share in our mission to support the growth of small and medium sized businesses and so we formed a collaboration: MEG drives forward billing and financial planning, while Paro delivers financial expertise on the bookkeeping and accounting side.

The Impact

Paro initially worked with Brian Gallagher’s own physical therapy practice, increasing the level of bookkeeping and accounting support provided for a lower cost. After seeing the process improvements and efficiencies created, Brian encouraged the other practices he works with to use Paro’s services.

With the help of a Paro expert, MEG:

  • Transitioned practices from primarily paper processes to electronic processes.
  • Developed an auditable trail by scanning in receipts.
  • Streamlined expense reports: rather than coming in from multiple sources including email, text message, and fax, everything is directed to email.
  • Provided a scalable bookkeeping solution that can support a growing number of locations and is always on call.
  • Provided insight into the performance of the business, including profitability of services, growth opportunities, and guidance on large equipment purchases.
  • Provided weekly cash flow reporting suggestions for cash flow management.