In 2016, Paro was born from a desire for finance professionals to achieve autonomy and flexibility. Our mission is to bring the future of work to the finance industry by empowering business professionals to pursue meaningful work on their own terms. Today, we’re taking the next step in building the future of finance with a reimagined brand that builds toward our vision, with your business growth at the forefront.

We welcome you to explore the newly designed Paro, including our new website, logo and communications. Our new brand was created to convey our promise: to give you, our experts and businesses, the power to achieve sustainable, long-term success—to go beyond even your biggest goals.

Technology led, growth focused

Remote work and emerging tech are bringing businesses and experts together in new and exciting ways. But few platforms go past the point of bringing these parties together. Realistically, businesses like yours benefit from partners that are invested in their long-term growth.

As a pioneer in the growth platform model, the new Paro brand now expresses our commitment to your upward momentum, from the upward-pointing arrow in our logo to the tech-guided tools we’ll continue to deliver.

And by embracing technology as a core pillar of who we are, we can bring you faster, more data-driven solutions so you can make smarter decisions for your future. Human insight is made stronger with artificial intelligence, which is central to our business model. AI provides the insights behind our matching process, the finance solutions we recommend and the tools our experts can use to maximize their performance. These insights will continue to be an important engine to help you achieve your goals.

Delivering a singular experience

As you explore the new site, you’ll notice a reenergized focus on what makes your journey with us unique and laser-focused on your growth. Seamless, limitless and efficient come to mind.

  • Seamless: We manage your engagements from beginning to end to remove administrative strain, offer solutions and insights for your next step, and ensure a positive outcome.
  • Limitless: You’re in control. As an expert, you have more avenues to earn and more tools and insights to help you get there. As a business client, you have a vast and elite pool of talent at your fingertips—with subject matter expertise to meet any demand.
  • Efficient: Our data brings speed, accuracy and actionability to achieve your goals. As an expert, get optimal pricing suggestions for your services. Or, as a business client, get the next best solution based on your current stage and the goals you have for the future.

Though your process for seeking solutions or opportunities does not change with this new brand experience, we continue to evolve around these principles to optimize your growth possibilities with more tools and insights. To learn more about us and how we can help you go beyond, explore