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Elite CFO Services and Fractional CFO Experts

More than just a great hire, our top-tier financial executives provide strategic, data-driven leadership to set your business up for long-term success. Offering access to fractional, interim, virtual and nearly full-time elite CFO talent, Paro’s flexible business model gives you experts when you need them.


Transform your business roadblocks into growth opportunities.

Exclusive Access

Top 2% of CFO Talent

Work with the top 2% of finance & accounting experts, including many from the Big 4 & Fortune 500.

Part-time CFO
Unlocked Talent Pools

Embrace the Future of Work and partner with top-tier, fractional experts from 60+ industries and 250+ skillsets.

Gain confidence in your numbers for proactive and informed decision making

  • Account Management
  • Controller Leadership
  • Reconciliation
  • Transaction Processing
  • AP & AR

Look toward the future with advanced data-driven evaluation, modeling and reporting.

  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Data visualization
  • Business Analysis
  • Startup Services
  • Financial Modeling

Optimize your accounting team’s effectiveness. Ensure accurate financial reporting, analysis and insights.

  • Accounting Team & Department Leadership
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Financial Procedures & Process Improvements
  • Month-end Close

Grow your bottom line with strategic planning and financial guidance.

  • Current State Assessment
  • Business Strategy
  • Operations Oversight
  • Equity & Debt Financing
  • Corporate Development
  • Startup Services

Minimize exposure and maximize value with tax advice tailored to your specific situation.

  • Tax Filings
  • Tax Process Review
  • Tax Advisory
  • Setup Services
  • Sales Tax

Assess and optimize for your company’s evolving operational needs

  • Systems Assessment
  • Software Implementation
  • Process Optimization
  • Data & Automation
Unparalleled Speed

20x More Efficient

Our AI matching technology is 20x more efficient than traditional recruitment processes. Get the right expert delivered to you in hours.

AI Matching with Business Finance Professionals | Paro
Incomparable Value

Fit to Your Business

Our flexible business model lets you augment your team or fully outsource. Get the talent you need without paying full-time or big firm price tags

Fina a business finance professional | paro
Earned Trust

Trust the Results

When you work with the industry's top experts, you can trust in the results.

industry top business financial experts | paro
Long-Term Growth

Today and Tomorrow

Your Paro Success Team helps you plan your next step to win business today and scale for tomorrow.

business success team | paro

CFO & Strategic Advisory

Buy-side M&A

  • Analysis to study the industry, competitive landscape and company positioning
  • Identify targets with operations, product lines, service offerings, and geographical footprints to complement the current business

Investor Relations

  • Tasks related to meeting investors, managing investor communications, and maintaining investor relations
  • Tight coordination with executive team as well as the accounting and legal departments

Go-To-Market Plan

  • Assessment of existing financial strategies, plans for new product launches, and market
  • May include the development of new plans including marketing & sales strategy, budget creation and financial forecasts

Business Valuation

  • Integrated income statement, cash flow and balance sheet projections and valuation model
  • Macro, operational and valuation framework scenario analysis

Market Research

  • Analysis of the Total Addressable Market, assessments of demographics, and the competitive landscape and company positioning
  • Identify and recommend target markets that align with the companies strategic advantages and priorities

Roadmap & Planning

  • Data collection, analysis and identification of long-term business goals and objectives
  • Development of a plan outlining goals, milestones and objectives over a set timeline

Systems Assessment

  • Document and assess current-state finance and accounting systems
  • Identify the biggest risks as well as the largest opportunities for improvement

Process Assessment

  • Document and assess current-state finance and accounting processes as well as identification of the biggest risks and largest opportunities for improvement

Employee Benefits

  • Apply financial insight and rigor to benefits strategy
  • Negotiate with benefits vendors and forecast financial implications

Raising Debt

  • Financial modeling to support a debt fund or bank to lend money
  • May include 3-5+ years of projects and KPI modeling to demonstrate satisfaction of repayment obligations

Fundraising Guidance

  • Leadership and skills required to support specific fundraising goals, including but not limited to pitch deck development and supporting investor due diligence

Exit Strategy

  • Support in identifying exit goals and timelines
  • Identification of optimum financial and leadership conditions necessary to maximize exit value