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Can Midsize Businesses Gain Value from an Outsourced CFO?

The term “outsource” used to be associated with repetitive, low-skilled tasks. But as new technologies have made remote work possible, an industry of outsourced white-collar professionals has arisen.  Now, many larger companies are outsourcing professional services, including executive leadership like CFOs.

Build for Success: Fractional CFOs Help Small Businesses Grow

At every growing business, there comes a point where the finances become too complex for a CEO to feasibly manage. While hiring a full-time CFO may be the norm in large, established firms, many innovative and growing companies are now leaning on fractional CFOs to drive growth at an earlier stage. These experienced financial executives provide services on a contract or project basis. 

Mitigate Risk and Maximize Value With Expert M&A Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions can be complex and time consuming. Because of the finite timeline and specific skill set required, many CFOs may not have the necessary expertise to confidently execute successful M&A deals. They also may become stretched too thin if they are handling this process while also running day-to-day operations. 
Enter the outsourced strategic advisor: This valuable outside perspective, from deal sourcing to M&A due diligence to closing, can help make the process more efficient, mitigate risk and maximize value.

Part-Time CFOs Bring Unique Value for Businesses

Every company needs expert financial strategy and direction, but many lack such leadership. More companies are now turning to part-time CFOs to solve their most pressing problems and seize their biggest opportunities. Often, there is simply not a business need to warrant a CFO spending 40 or more hours a week working. A part-time CFO … Continued

6 Steps to a Better CEO-CFO Relationship

If your company has looked to a chief financial officer (CFO) to help improve, reshape or rethink your business, then you have already taken the first step in quite a meaningful transition. But hiring a CFO is not enough.

Myths About Part-Time CFOs—and Why They’re Untrue

The gig economy is rapidly expanding in the United States and across the globe. Everything from physical labor to knowledge-intensive roles are now awarded to external workers with different sets of insights as internal workers.

5 Financial Reports to Prepare Before Meeting with VC Firms

When seeking funding, venture capital firms are common choices. In 2017, the median VC investment was $5 million for early-stage and $10.8 million for large-stage VC rounds. They not only provide capital, but also strategic assistance and whatever resources are necessary to grow your business to the next level. In fact, research shows public companies … Continued