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The Freelancer’s Guide to Reducing Non-Billable Hours

All freelancers are in the business of client service, hired to fill gaps and deliver value with precision. Yet the focus on quality and speed often eclipses process issues, and the continual search for the next project leaves little time to evaluate how you work. As a result, you may use more non-billable hours than … Continued

4 Solutions to Common Cash Flow Forecasting Challenges

There are many ways to gauge the health of your business, but perhaps none are more telling than the actual cash you have on hand. Cash flow is where the rubber meets the road, and despite the fact that it’s an important indicator of sustainability, many businesses continue to struggle with cash flow forecasting challenges.  … Continued

Forecast vs. Projection: How to Use Both to Your Competitive Advantage

Businesses often consider the terms “financial forecast” and “financial projection” as synonymous. However, there are key differences when creating a forecast vs. projection.  Financial forecasts predict future performance using historical company sales, revenue trends, and some external data to determine an expected outcome. Financial projections envision company performance based on the impacts of a specific … Continued